At Vintage, we view our appointed agents as partners. When we work together to get the most competitive pricing within a reasonable time frame, we both win!  Here are some helpful hints on how to work best with Vintage Underwriters to get your quotes back more quickly.

  1. Complete apps!

The most frequently missed information is DATE BUSINESS STARTED, LOSS HISTORY, and PRIOR CARRIER INFORMATION. These items are important to make sure that we are getting you the lowest rates possible. Back and forth communication to get all the answers takes time and delays quotes!

  1. Send any supplemental required at the time of submission.

Most frequently missed: Grocery stores, Gas Stations, Restaurants with alcohol sales—make sure you include the Liquor Liability Application. Lessors Risk? Send us that tenant list!  All supplemental applications are available on our applications page.

  1. Let us know if the insured is a new client, or if this a renewal that you are shopping, and any background information you might have.

We know that time is of the essence when trying to win a new client. We know that if it’s a current client, you probably have a little more time for us to get a price back to you. Knowing helps us prioritize and get all quotes back to you within the appropriate time frame. Is it a new purchase? Send us the appraisal – it answers so many questions!  If you know any history about the insured, or can include information about business operations, these are all helpful pieces of data when making decisions and can help ensure we are getting you the right coverage for the lowest price. Remember, prior loss does not mean declination – just be sure to tell us what happened and any measures put in place to safeguard the business from future losses.

  1. Let us know if you have a target premium you are trying to meet or beat.

This is important for 2 reasons—first, it can help us save time by letting you know quickly if we are not  going to be able to be competitive, second—full binding authority on property gives us great flexibility on rates!


Sending a quote request directly to an underwriter actually slows the process down, because if they are busy working on quotes, they aren’t checking their email. The submissions email is checked constantly, which means your submission is entered into the system usually within minutes of receipt.

We thank you for your business and look forward to helping you win with Vintage!